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New York State licensed for 30 months – 5 years of age. Half day sessions and full day hours available 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM


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We are open from 630am to 630pm Monday thru Friday  Class time’s  full days 9-4 half days 9-1

The Children do not have to be toilet trained to attend our school.

STEP Academy Pre-School & Day Camp utilizes a unique and innovative approach to learning for preschool aged children for ages 30 months to 5 years of age. Our STEP Sports program offers the fundamentals of sports training for our daily preschool program as well as our SUMMER & HOLIDAY CAMP program.

We are a New York State licensed daycare and camp facility with OCFS and NYS Department of Health.  Our teachers are NYS certified in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and our coaches are NYS certified in their area of sport concentration.  We offer before and after care outside our full day schedule.

Our full time and part time Pre-K programs offer both a structured learning environment to enhance the development of the young brains. We utilize a curriculum that compliments the most current educational research and uses the best practices in working with young children and families a successful foundation of education.  It defines the objectives for children’s development and learning that are most predictive of school success and offers strategies for promoting children’s social‐emotional development as well as content area skills.

Encompassed in the children’s daily schedule is a sport curriculum that assists in the development of the child’s fine and grow motor skills as well as growing the child’s psychological and sociological well being.  These skills have proven transfer great success within the classroom.

Our daily sports activities are taught on our indoor turf field located adjacent to the children’s classrooms. The children are taught nutrition and multi sports which include soccer, lacrosse, and tumbling as well as ice skating lessons on the NY Islanders state of the art ice rink.

We look forward to your families visit with us at our Eisenhower Park, Twin Rinks, home of the NY Islanders practice

Our security protected facility’s are state of the art.

We welcome new families to visit Monday through Friday between the hours of

10am and 3pm to experience the full STEP experience

(but we can accommodate times to fit your busy schedule).

Please call us to schedule your visit @ 516-394-8344  ext 431


Developmental Expectations (vary with age)

  • Sensory – Exploration and ingenuity becomes greatly enhanced. Everything becomes more complex and they can focus for greater lengths of time.  While obtaining more self-control they become self-reliant and begin to make decisions on their own.
  • Language skills –Their vocabulary expands rapidly and their use of grammar starts to make sense. They form complex sentences and can follow multi-step directions.  Understanding explanations given helps give their conversation a pattern to help them stay on topic.
  • Reading and Writing –They can recognize many letters and begin to ask what words are (sight words), and ask the meaning of these words. Sounds associated with letters begin to develop and some children can form proper letter formations through tracing and practice.
  • Math –The use of logical reasoning helps them solve everyday problems, and can use language to describe objects and shapes. They can count to 20+, recognize written numbers up to 20+, and will begin to add and subtract numbers less than 10.  They will know the days of the week, holidays, months and seasons, but telling time will still be difficult
  • Physically – Through sports, your child will become advanced in their gross motor skills and will be challenged to their fullest potential. They can retain concepts given to them to advance their sports training (examples: kick a ball, catch and throw, tumbling, rhythm, etc.)
  • Creative Arts –An increase in curiosity and imagination helps separate fantasy from reality through hands-on activities. They begin scientific investigations, meaning that they observe, gather, and compare information.  Identification of patterns will evolve through arts and crafts.  They will also begin to explain their completed projects with reasoning and purpose.  Musical ability becomes a creation where they create their own songs and memorize others.  Their art projects become more complex and sometime letters are added to provide greater meaning and description.
  • Communication – Coping mechanisms help manage intense emotions and they will begin to realize that everyone reacts differently to similar situations. They will express themselves through talking or drawing a picture to express what they are feeling.  Group play, resolving conflicts and increased social interactions with peers allows learning to progress at a faster rate.  Their dramatic play has structure and begins to act out real life scenarios that they experience in daily life.
  • Common Core– We will be focusing on higher level thinking skills such as predictions, interpreting facts, and drawing conclusions based on everyday knowledge.



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Included in all packages

  • Curbside teacher assisted pick-up and drop-off (optional)
  • Activities including:
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Tumble Time
  • Lacrosse
  • T-Ball and More!
  • New York State approved academic programs
  • Certified staff with small teacher-student ratio approved by the Office of Child and Family Services
  • Security cameras and secured entry system
  • Thematic calendar followed
  • Certified teachers and athletic trainers
  • Art and dance/ Yoga
Health Facts
Child obesity is a serious concern in today’s society. STEP Academy is taking a serious role in working with children and families to help minimize child obesity through offering a multitude of sports training clinics. These sports training classes are incorporated in our everyday schedules at no additional charge to our parents. We feel that physical activity is a vital part in childhood development. Strengthening gross motor skills is accomplished through a series of sports offered such as soccer, t-ball, lacrosse,tumble time, and much more. Our sports schedule is constantly changing to give all children the opportunity to experience a variety of skills. We have sports trainers available to ensure proper technique while encouraging team work.

A national study conducted in 2006 analyzed data collected from 11,957 adolescents across the U.S. to examine the relationship between physical activity and academic performance. Adolescents who reported either participating in school activities, such as PE and team sports, or playing sports with their parents, were 20 percent more likely than their sedentary peers to earn an “A” in math or English.

(A national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Nelson MC, Gordon-Larson P. Physical activity and sedentary behavior patterns are associated with selected adolescent health risk behaviors. Pediatrics 2006;117:1281-1290.)

We encourage you to schedule a visit to the school and see a class in session. This will give you an opportunity to observe what your child will be learning and meet our teachers! Please call for an appointment. 516-394-8344 ext 431


200 Merrick Ave East Meadow NY 11554 516-394-8344 Fax 516-706-0581