STEP Academy

Health Facts

Child obesity is a serious concern in today’s society. STEP Academy is taking a serious role in working with children and families to help minimize child obesity through offering a multitude of sports training clinics. These sports training classes are incorporated in our everyday schedules at no additional charge to our parents. We feel that physical activity is a vital part in childhood development. Strengthening gross motor skills is accomplished through a series of sports offered such as soccer, t-ball, lacrosse,tumble time, and much more. Our sports schedule is constantly changing to give all children the opportunity to experience a variety of skills. We have sports trainers available to ensure proper technique while encouraging team work.

A national study conducted in 2006 analyzed data collected from 11,957 adolescents across the U.S. to examine the relationship between physical activity and academic performance. Adolescents who reported either participating in school activities, such as PE and team sports, or playing sports with their parents, were 20 percent more likely than their sedentary peers to earn an “A” in math or English.


(A national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Nelson MC, Gordon-Larson P. Physical activity and sedentary behavior patterns are associated with selected adolescent health risk behaviors. Pediatrics 2006;117:1281-1290.)